The Support Services Division supports the delivery of services to the citizens in this area. This is accomplished through several specialized units and is led by the Division Commander, Capt. Benny D. Gregory, and includes Communications, Records, Property and Evidence, School Crossing Guards, Animal Control, Parking, Crime Prevention, Training and maintenance of the physical plant. These units are listed below along with a brief description of their duties and the personnel who perform them.

The School Crossing Unit assist elementary students across busy streets so they can arrive safely at school. No matter what the weather, these dedicated folks are at their post twice a day for our local students. The current School Crossing Guards assist at the following intersections: Maryland Avenue and Central Avenue intersection (Keister Elementary), Myers Avenue and Franklin Street intersection (Spotswood Elementary), High Street and Gay Street intersection (Waterman Elementary), South Avenue and Central Avenue intersection (Keister Elementary) and Chicago Avenue and Gay Street (Waterman Elementary).

The Animal Control Unit enforces all State laws and Local ordinances related to animal control. Provides management, logistical, technical, equipment and personnel support to the organizational entities. Identifies public safety issues and work directly with the community on animal and pet care.  The Animal Control Officer acts as a liaison to and with the local SPCA.  The Animal Control office handles approximately 800 calls for service, 1000 requests for information and impounds approximately 500 domestic animals as well as numerous wild animals annually.

The Records Unit is responsible for the maintenance of all Departmental Police Records of incident reports (I.B.R.), accident reports, criminal arrests and traffic citations.  They supply service for special requests by customers or agents acting in their behalf via telephone, mail, in person, fax, Teletype and e-mail.  They support statistical data on monthly and yearly basis and provide patrol and investigations with analytical information.  This Division is staffed by 3 full time Records Clerks, 1 Record System Technician and 1 Administrative Supervisor.
The average number of records include, 4100 Incident reports, 1200 Accident reports, 5000 Traffic citations and 6100 Criminal arrests annually.
The Records Division's office hours are from 8:30 am thru 5:00 pm during weekdays.

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible  for maintaining a secure area for the safekeeping and management of all evidence and recovered property by officers.  This division is also responsible for providing uniforms and equipment for all uniformed personnel as well as purchasing vehicular equipment, firearms, electronic equipment supplies and etc..  This office manages approximately 800 cases including 1700 items of evidence annually. 
The Property and Evidence Division's officer hours are from 8:00 am thru 4:00 pm during weekdays.

Parking Enforcement in the downtown area is the responsibility of the Harrisonburg Parking Authority.  Patrol officers handle all other parking complaints in the City. 

The Training Unit is responsible for scheduling and tracking all departmental training.  This includes Basic School (recruit), In-service and any specialized training.  

Police Communications and non-emergency calls: 540-434-2545

Animal Control can be reached at 540-434-2317

Parking Enforcement can be reached at 540-434-2314

Police Records can be reached at 540-434-2136

Property and Evidence can be reached at 540-434-2602

Crime Prevention can be reached at 540-434-2530


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