Shareef Fafim Akhtab
AKA/Charles W. Robinson Jr.

Black Male
DOB: 07-08-71
5'8" 180 lbs.
Black hair, brown eyesWanted for malicious wounding with knife.

Omar Ortaga Alvarado

Hispanic Male
DOB: 03-06-75
5'10" 180 lbs.
Brown hair, brown eyes

Wanted for distribution of meth.

Matthew J. Barber Jr.
AKA/ "Pops"

Black Male
DOB: 02-06-51
6'01" 170 lbs
Black hair, brown eyes

Wanted for Escape without force by felon.

Gladimil Moreno

Black Male
DOB: 06-13-77
5'5" 180 lbs.
Black hair, brown eyes

Wanted for felony distribution of cocaine,
felony distribution of cocaine with in
1000 ft of school public property,
conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Carlos Alberto Perez-Fulgencio
AKA/Carlos Alberto Perez

Black Male
DOB: 01-13-73
5'00" 110 lbs.
Black hair, brown eyes

Wanted for 1 count of distribution
of cocaine 1000 ft from school,
3 counts distribution of cocaine,
2 counts conspiracy.
David John Levesque
White Male
DOB: 12/01/61
5'9"  140 lbs.
Brown hair, Brown eyes

Wanted for 2 counts of Breaking and Entering.

David F. Moreno
White Male
DOB: 04/12/72

Wanted for 9 counts of obtaining money by false pretense.

Cheryl K. Skibbe

White Female
DOB: 09/15/67

Wanted for 
felony bad checks, felony forgery and felony uttering.

Jose Ramon Sastre-Cintron
AKA/Jose Ramon Cintron-Sastre
Sastre Sastre-Cintron

Hispanic Male
DOB: 11-15-77
5'7" 156 lbs.
Brown hair, brown eyes

Wanted for vehicle theft, fire in dwelling, use of gun to maliciously wound.

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