Colonel D. G. Harper
Chief of Police

The goal of the Harrisonburg Police Department is to help make the City of Harrisonburg a safer and better place to live and work.  We approach our duties with a commitment to partnerships and problem-solving techniques to improve the quality of life in our community.  The men and women of the Harrisonburg Police Department will continue to provide the highest level of quality and professional police service to the citizens of Harrisonburg.  Harrisonburg deserves, and will receive, nothing less.    

We are a community oriented police department.  We want the citizens and the police to work together to solve problems in our community.  Police cannot do it alone.  We must have the assistance of the citizens to reduce crime and help keep neighborhoods safe.  Citizens must be the eyes and ears for the police officer in your neighborhood.

The information found on our web page is an example of how we strive to better inform the community of our services.  We seek both traditional and unique ways to solve problems.  Your participation and cooperation are instrumental in making this city a safe place for everyone.  I hope that you will find the information here useful in assisting us with that goal.  Please continue to visit our website as it grows to become another source of information from us to you.

 Colonel D. G. Harper, Chief of Police

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Harrisonburg Police Department
181 South Liberty Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia  22801
Emergency:  911 Non-Emergency: (540) 434-2545  Administrative: (540) 434-2053  Fax: (540) 433-7628

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